Structural Steel Erection: Renting Crane Equipment in Taunton

One of the more popular Taunton crane rentals available at A1 Crane Co includes equipment used for structural steel erection. This type of work can consist of job site projects, such as catwalk systems and framing, but it is also used for pre-engineered metal buildings, steel demo, reinforcement work, and other miscellaneous steel projects. Our clients choose to work with our team when they need to rent a crane in Taunton for structural steel erection because we have many years of experience working in this particular area. We work closely with each project manager, building owner, architect, or other types of clients to ensure that we achieve their project objectives.

Valuable Crane Solutions

When you rent our crane equipment in Taunton for structural steel erection, you don’t just get the crane and the rigging, but our knowledge, experience, and skilled crew. Even in the most challenging locations and situations, our team can provide valuable solutions and alternative ideas that you can use to help meet all of your goals and deliver results that will meet or exceed your expectations. We work with many different professional industries to ensure the highest standards and offer work that meets industry requirements and government regulations for safety and best practices.

Our safety record for providing quality crane services in the New England area is unmatched. We consider our strong history and reputation for delivering quality crane services and structural steel erections to be a competitive advantage in acquiring new projects. All of the equipment available in our Taunton crane rentals and services is top of the line, properly maintained, regularly inspected, and kept in excellent condition. Every member of our crew, from the crane operators to signal and support staff are highly trained and have completed the required certification courses. We implement and strictly adhere to industry safety standards, including pre-planning preparation with each client to ensure satisfaction.

Best Industry Practices

When it comes to implementing high standards for structural steel erection, A1 Crane Co starts with the industry’s best practices and policies for safe, effective, and efficient lifting and rigging procedures. It is essential to choose crane equipment in Taunton that is the right tonnage and offers sufficient reach. If you can’t safely lift the item that the client wants to be lifted or effectively reach the location where it needs to be placed, the project will suffer a delay. Only qualified operators should work our Taunton crane rentals. Our team includes a highly trained, experienced, licensed, certified, and insured crane operator, signal team, and support crew to ensure maximum efficiency on every job site we visit.

We meet with each client prior to the project date to ensure that we have everything prepared in advance for the best results. The more information that you can have as a client, the easier it will be to accommodate all of your needs when you rent a crane in Taunton for structural steel erection. Ultimately, the crane size will be determined by the most substantial pick for the overall project, as well as the distance that must be used to reach with it. In most cases, the more reach, the better to reduce the number of times that the crane will need to be moved to have the lay down area away from job site activity and other equipment. However, we will work with each client to create custom solutions based on their unique needs and job site requirements.

Comprehensive Safety Procedures

When it comes to a project that involves structural steel erection, safety should always be a top priority. This is to ensure that all crane operations are performed safely and that any crew members on the job site are alert and aware of the work that will be done. The equipment should be inspected when it arrives at the job site, and each day before it is operated to guarantee safe use for everyone involved. All cranes must comply with state and federal safety and health standards, as well as the manufacturer’s requirements and specifications for use. Only certified operators will be allowed to operate the cranes.

Rigging safety procedures must also be adhered to carefully and should be inspected daily. All rigging and hardware that is used must be selected carefully to handle the full weight of the load safely, and only crew members who are experienced will be allowed to perform the rigging tasks. This is why it is so important to rent a crane in Taunton that comes with a full-service operator and crew. It saves the client time and money, ensures the safe and effective operation of the Taunton crane rentals, and provides the best possible results. To learn more about our crane equipment in Taunton for your structural steel erection project, give us a call at 508-999-2050 and speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service agents.