Cranes & Rigging Equipment

A1 Crane Co. has access to all of the best lift equipment for the job. This includes a variety of cranes, rigging equipment, and boom trucks. We have the resources available to provide equipment, qualified operators, rigging, and required transportation, making A1 Crane Co. a very comprehensive lifting solution. We are committed to continuously improving our fleet, bringing only the most capable and appropriate equipment to the job, according to your needs.

Whatever You Need, Wherever You Are

Covering four states, A1 Crane Co. can provide crane and rigging services, as well as custom lifting solutions, wherever your project is. Our highly trained, licensed, and insured equipment operators are ready to go just about anywhere in the New England area. Big projects, small jobs - we will provide you with the equipment and staff to complete your project on time and on budget.

Cranes & Booms

  • A1 Crane Co. can provide a variety of heavy-duty crane equipment, depending on the unique demands of your project. Our fleet includes rough terrain cranes, all-terrain cranes, a tower crane, conventional truck cranes, hydraulic truck cranes, crawler cranes, and an industrial crane.
  • One of our most popular pieces of equipment is the boom truck or commercial truck-mounted crane. It features a fixed telescopic boom and a rotating superstructure attached to a commercial truck chassis. It provides our operators with the ability to lift, lower, and swing loads at various degrees with the use of outriggers and stabilizers.

Rigging Equipment

  • A1 Crane Co. owns a wide range of rigging equipment to meet the demands of our clients. All of our rigging is stamped and OSHA approved. Each piece of equipment is inspected annually and professionally maintained.
  • Our team uses 40-ton industrial capacity roller skates or dollies for proper positioning of equipment, even in tight areas.
  • For certain jobs, we use a gantry crane, which is sometimes called an "overhead" or "bridge" crane. It is built on top of a gantry or structure, which is used to straddle over the workspace.
  • Our team also has access to a full rigging shop available as well, to meet all of your mobile needs.

Forklifts, Lulls, & More

  • A1 Crane Co. currently has two forklifts at our disposal. A 10,000 lb Clark and an 8,000 lb Cat.
  • We also own two lulls. One is a 6,000 lb JCB and the other is a 10,000 lb CAT with material buckets, snow pushers, a boom extension with hydraulic winches, and forks.
  • Our team also has access to a Bobcat with a material bucket, forks, and a backhoe auger.
  • We have three Utility trailers, all tow-behind; one Lowboy trailer with a 35-ton capacity, and a CAT tractor with an end dump trailer for hauling materials.