Smartest Safety Procedures for New Bedford Crane Operators

safe crane rentals in new bedfordWhile it is technically the cranes that do the heavy lifting at most construction and industrial worksites, the human element must always be considered. Safety procedures are put in place to protect New Bedford crane operators, signal teams, and other workers while the crane is being loaded, set up, and used. New Bedford construction cranes are some of the most essential equipment used in industry today. Project managers and builders rely on them every day to perform strategic tasks that would be impossible without the support of a trained and licensed crane service provider in New Bedford and the surrounding area. Many different industries rely on crane rentals in New Bedford to keep their businesses productive. Unfortunately, some forget the inherent dangers associated with using heavy-duty machinery, and that’s when accidents usually happen.

Only Use Qualified, Licensed, and Insured Operators

Proper certification and training are required to operate New Bedford construction cranes and other types of specialty heavy-duty cranes. The machinery itself is very specialized and requires extensive knowledge and experience to operate it safely. Don’t ever think that you can get crane rentals in New Bedford and put your forklift team on it to lift a truss onto a building. There’s much more to operating a crane than you might realize. One of the most important elements associated with crane operational safety is ensuring that the person working it has the right expertise for the project. There are many different types of cranes and just as many unique applications and jobs that they can perform. Pairing the right New Bedford crane operators with the project is crucial to get the desired results.

Hire a Highly Trained and Experienced Crew

In addition to the crane operator, you also need a signal crew that can help the operator to effectively navigate the load through the use of appropriate hand signals. At A1 Crane Co, we have teams of crane operators and signal crews that work together on our New Bedford construction cranes to provide our clients with the best possible services. Education, ongoing training, support, certification, and experience are just some of the criteria required for this type of work. As a crane service provider in New Bedford and the surrounding area, we are acutely aware of the need for talented and knowledgeable staff when it comes to safe and effective crane operation.

Pre-Operational Inspections

An experienced crane operator knows the importance of inspecting the equipment and the load before attempting to do any lifting or loading with the machine. Visual inspections can reveal cracks or signs of excessive wear and tear in cables and booms. If any imperfections are noted, they must be taken out to be serviced and repaired. The safety of the crew and the job site must be maintained at all times – no exceptions. In addition to the equipment, knowledgeable New Bedford crane operators should always inspect the load before doing any work to confirm that the load does not exceed the limits of the equipment and that the load is secured correctly for safety.

Keep Workers Clear of the Area

Outside of the crane operator and signal crew, all other workers should be cleared from the area impacted by the work being done with New Bedford construction cranes. Any workers that are on the ground at the job site should be reminded about keeping a safe perimeter. To be extra safe, consider hiring team members to keep watch around the area of service to warn other workers about entering the field. This is not something that can be overlooked, and it must be maintained throughout the entire project. Schedule planned lift operations so the crew can be warned ahead of time about the project and keep the area clear.

Carefully Estimate the Time

One of the biggest causes of worksite injuries is trying to rush to achieve a deadline that was probably never feasible in the first place. Cranes are complicated and cannot be rushed. The procedures used by New Bedford crane operators are very planned out and precise. Cutting corners and rushing tasks will only cause further delays and could put workers at risk during operation. Qualified operators should be well aware of these risks and speak up to project managers and general contractors when they are pushed to get something done too quickly.

Stay Focused on Safety

Throughout every phase of your project, both working with a crane service provider and New Bedford and without, pay careful attention to the safety of the job at hand. Heavy-duty equipment is a necessity at most job sites, so it pays to have an understanding of what you are working with and learn what it takes to assure safety for all workers and property. If you would like to learn more about A1 Crane Co crane rentals in New Bedford and the surrounding area, give us a call at 508-999-2050. We can answer any questions you might have about our New Bedford crane operators, crew, and safety standards, as well as offer a FREE estimate for the use of our New Bedford construction cranes in Massachusetts and the New England region.