Options for Crane Services in Fall River: Lifting and Rigging

Crane Services Fall RiverWhen it comes to professional crane services, there are many different types of equipment available for lifting and rigging. A wide variety of options means the ability to provide services suited for specific needs. Crane services in Fall River can vary depending on the type of work that needs to be done. Mobile crane services, fixed crane rentals, rough terrain cranes, and all terrain carrier crane equipment are just some of the options available. It is important to work with a qualified and experienced provider of crane services to ensure a positive outcome for your project.

Whether you are working on a job site for new construction or require industry-specific services in the Fall River area, A1 Crane Co. can help you achieve your goals. Our team of highly trained, certified, and insured heavy-duty equipment operators and support staff provide quality services throughout New England. Our fleet of standard and mobile crane services can go wherever the job is and provide valuable solutions that will exceed your expectations.

What is a Crane?

There are many different types of heavy-duty equipment used for commercial and industrial construction, installations, and repairs. A crane is a piece of equipment that possesses the mechanical means of raising or lowering loads that are suspended by a hook or some other type of load-handling device. The movement of the equipment is designed to load, position, and re-position suspended loads vertically and horizontally.

When you hire crane services in Fall River for lifting and rigging, the crane equipment includes all of the parts required to provide those services. The hook or load-handling device, plus all chains, ropes, wires, rails, and other required tools that are used to move the device, are also included. Any attachments, foundations, supports, fittings, or mountings are provided by the standard or mobile crane services as well. Cranes come in many different shapes, types, and styles to meet the needs of the client.

Mobile Crane Services

One of the most popular types of crane services in Fall River is mobile crane services. The popularity lies in the fact that they are easy to move to the jobsite. This type of lifting and rigging equipment is either mounted onto wheels or a crawler. In most cases, a special foundation is not required for lifting. The mobility of the crane itself allows for expedited service, quickly moving in, setting up, and then moving out once the work is complete.

There are many different size ranges for mobile crane services, depending on the needs of the client. The size of the equipment will impact the ability of the crane to be moved and adjusted for positioning. For example, it might take a few days to erect a 500-ton crane and move it to the lift location. Smaller options, such as a 50-ton truck-mounted crane can be ready to work as soon as it gets to the site and perform many lifts on the same day. While bigger cranes might be needed for larger lifts, in some cases, bigger isn’t always better.

Carrier Cranes

When it comes to mobile crane services, the carrier is actually what makes the crane mobile. The carrier is a special kind of truck chassis with a turntable and wheels. Crawler carriers are a great choice for rugged job sites. An all terrain carrier crane is excellent for all types of job sites, including places with sandy or rocky soil conditions. There are technically three types of wheeled carriers used for crane services in Fall River. The first is a truck carrier, which is perfect for traveling long distances on the highway. They range from five to 500 tons. The second type is the rough terrain or RT carrier. It features oversized wheels and is perfect for off-road use.

The third type is the all terrain carrier crane, which is also known as simply “AT” in the industry. It can travel long distances on highways or ungraded job sites. It is easy to maneuver in urban areas but is great for driving on rough surfaces due to its fully hydraulic, computer-controlled suspension. The all terrain carrier crane also features all-wheel steering for its multiple axles, which helps in making it easier to drive and position. Your lifting and rigging specialist at A1 Crane Co. can help you select the best crane services in Fall River and the surrounding area for your project.

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