10 Essential Operator Tips

It’s an event no construction management team or overhead crane operator ever wants to see happen: while the crane is in operation a worker unknowingly walks right underneath a load while it is being lowered and gets crushed by its weight. Unfortunately, this type of tragedy happens too often; and such accidents can be prevented by everyone’s adhering to strict on-site rules.

If you are a crane operator or supervise a construction site where an overhead crane is in regular use, you understand that this type of machine creates unique risks to workers anywhere in the vicinity of operations. OSHA as well as other safety watchdogs recommend and even require compliance with specific basic safe operations protocols: here are 10 of the most important ones that apply to operators.

1. Make sure your overhead crane has been inspected recently before use, especially if it is one to which you are not usually assigned

2. Always check the warning signal first thing to make sure it is operating properly

3. You’ll also want to double-check brakes and all essential controls before getting to work

4. If you suspect a crane may be unsafe, do NOT use it: replace suspicious overhead crane parts

5. Only authorized persons should operate cranes or give signals to the operator

6. Never, ever carry loads over other workers under any circumstances

7. Workers should never be allowed to “ride” or hang onto loads or empty hooks

8. Your signal person should always be in direct and clear view

9. Never attempt to move a load (even an inch) if it appears to be slung improperly

10. Always use your warning devices before and during all operations

Overhead cranes are valuable machines on many work sites: following basic safety rules will help ensure a job well done as well as the health and well-being of your construction crew.

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